Intelligent Energy Control

a-mac in partnership with Sector 8 Solutions, have developed a cost effective, energy saving system for multipoint extraction users. This system – which can be effectively integrated into existing extraction systems – has been designed to minimise energy consumption running costs.

This innovative technology converts energy usage of a system from one of full capacity into one which is based solely on actual demand. Using a simple interface, energy usage of an extraction system can be easily adjusted to reflect demanded extraction requirements, rather than operating at unnecessary full capacity constantly.

Several Oil & Gas multinational corporations have applied this intelligent energy control system into their operations, resulting in reduced energy consumption and running costs of their extraction system by 10%, without impacting on production capacity. The use of ‘Variable Speed Drive’ technology – over traditional ‘Fixed Speed Motor’ technology – also allowed energy, environmental and carbon emission targets to be achieved.

We guarantee that such sustainable and measurable savings can be delivered, with this cost effective system providing quick return on investment and becoming a self-financing project. As part of our ongoing support programme we commission and hand-over the system at optimal working efficiency, while providing annual maintenance services and a 12 month warrant as standard.

Intelligent Energy Control

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