Wood-Waste Dust

  • Wood Waste Dust
  • Wood Waste Dust

Uncontrolled wood-waste is a serious threat to operators due to the carcinogenic properties and impacts which these dusts have on the Respiratory System. The most effective method to eliminate exposure of wood-waste dust is to provide ‘capture-at-source’ extraction – i.e. extraction at source of cutting & turning machines.

a-mac Environmental have designed, supplied and installed numerous Wood Waste LEV systems to both the Manufacturing and Educational Sectors, with systems ranging from stand-alone dust extractors, to large multi-point centralised extraction and filtration systems.

A growing number of our clients are now utilising our innovative ‘Intelligent Energy Control’ (IEC) technology, improving their system efficiency and reducing energy cost. a-mac can also integrate vacuum cleaning systems and ventilation systems into the central LEV to provide maximum extraction capacity and constant fresh air into workshops.

The following advantages can be taken from our Wood-Waste extraction systems;

– Dramatically reduced concentrations of dust within the workplace.
– Compliance with strict HSE legislations.
– Minimised employee exposure to hazardous dust.
– Improved productivity and work quality.

All of our systems are fully compliant with COSHH Regulations and the ATEX European Directive for explosive dust.

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