Welding Fume & Grinding Dust

Weld Fume

Metal working processes – such as Welding & Grinding – release a wide range of hazardous airborne contaminants which must be removed from the operators breathing zone to ensure their protection. a-mac Environmental offer bespoke extraction systems to ensure the safe and efficient removal of these airborne pollutants within the workplace.

With over 16 years of experience in designing & installing extraction systems for metal working processes, a-mac┬ácan offer customised solutions which are specific to your requirements and budget. Working in partnership with leading manufacturers, including Plymovent, Nederman and Kemper – our systems are suitable for all light, medium and heavy duty processes. Our popular Welding & Grinding Extraction Range from; flexible and robust Extraction Arms Systems and Integrated Extraction Workbenches, to highly manoeuvrable Mobile Extraction Units. Our clients have achieved the following advantages due to their Welding & Grinding LEV installations:

  • Compliance with strict HSE legislations.
  • Minimised employee exposure to hazardous fumes & dusts.
  • Improved productivity and work quality.
  • Safer working environmental.

Free Trial – Try Before You Buy

We are currently offering free week trails across Scotland on our popular Mobile Extraction Units. These flexible units are ideal for extracting both Welding Fumes and Grinding Dust at-source, and fitted with a flexible 4m extraction arm. Contact us now to take advantage of this great offer.

See our Weld Fume Downdraft Benches in action:

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