Ventilation Systems

Vent ImageVentilation systems are now increasingly important in modern business environments as the problems of poor indoor air quality become apparent and costly. Buildings without a formal ventilation system can suffer from high levels of both humidity & indoor pollution, mould growth and heat loss. a-mac Environmental provide modern ventilation solutions to maintain indoor air quality and regulate air movement.

Our ventilation systems are designed and installed to meet specific building standards and government regulations, which are based on: building size, area use and hazards present in the area. With this information we can calculate the required ‘Air Changes Per Hour’ (ACH) under normal conditions – e.g. Workshops: 8-10 ACH, Commercial Kitchens: 30+ ACH, Offices: 6-10 ACH.

Vent ImageThe benefits of ventilation systems extend beyond improving indoor air quality, as a-mac’s innovative Mechanical Heat Recovery systems will quietly and efficiently supply warm and fresh filtered air back into the building – therefore reducing energy costs.

Our current customer base extends to Scottish businesses in various sectors, including:

– Bars, Restaurants and Hospitality
– Retail
– Commercial
– Brewing and Distillation
– Hospitals and Laboratories

We have provided the above customers with a range of ventilation services, including; Ventilation Installation, Ventilation Maintenance and Repairs, Heat Recovery Ventilation, Air Handling Units and LEV Systems.

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