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  • Vehicle Exhaust

The inhaling of vehicle exhaust fumes is extremely hazardous to health due to the presence of poisonous gases, such as carbon monoxide. Due to these serious health risks associated with carbon-fuelled exhaust fumes, it is vitally important that at-source extraction is applied to capture and remove the pollutants effectively.

a-mac Environmental can supply and install a wide range of extraction solutions to suit the budget and requirements of clients. Our installations result in the complete operator protection, the creation of a cleaner working environment and also provide full compliance of HSE regulations.

Our Scottish clients include Passenger Car and Commercial Garages, Dealership Service Bays, MOT Test Centres, Motor Repair Workshops and Emergency Vehicles e.g. in Fire Stations. All of the above clients have required efficient and convenient extraction systems, which are were able to provide through our partnership with industry leader, Plymovent.

Designing systems around the exact requirements of the client and their environment, our LEV installs range from Fixed Spring Hose Reels and Flexible Dropper System, to Sliding Rails and Self-Supporting Extract Arms.

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