Oil Mist

Oil MistOil Mist arises when metalworking fluids are used to either cool or lubricate parts and tools during machining processes, such as milling, turning, grinding and boring. Hazardous Oil Mist must to be captured to protect employee health, create a safe working environment and extend the lifespan of machinery and tools.

Designing systems specific to the client requirements and their workshop, our Oil Mist LEV installs range from Individual Machine Extraction Units, to Fixed, Multi-Machine Systems. The unique modular design of our systems allows them to be easily adapted retrospectively to workshop alterations and expansions.

The following benefits can be found from a-mac oil mist extraction solutions;

  • Operators fully protected from hazardous oil mist.
  • Energy efficiency & low maintenance cost.
  • Quiet operation and effective performance.

See our Oil Mist Eliminator in action:

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