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Plymovent Mobile Units

Need your extraction to be mobile? If you are working on welding or grinding large piping or any other fume creating process, then a mobile… Read More

Bugs in Nurseries

Why does everyone in the house get ill when a child attends nursery? Concerned because your little one has had very nasty viruses plus a… Read More

Nail Bar LEV
Ventilation & Extraction

Nail Technicians Safety People that work in the nail services industry, spend long hours each day in a room using nail products such as polishes, acrylics,… Read More

Wood Dust Extraction

Why is it necessary to control wood dust? Wood dust, tiny particles of wood produced during processing, it can contain bacterial, fungal and moss spores…. Read More

What is a Multi Dust Bank?

Plymovent’s MultiDust Bank   The MultiDust bank is a fume filtration system that has cartridge filters.  When fumes are removed from the workshop using extraction… Read More

Rubber Fumes & Dust

Rubber manufacturing generally comprises the following operations: raw materials handling, weighing and mixing; milling; extruding and calendering; component assembly and building; ‘curing’ or vulcanizing; inspection… Read More

Offices & Indoor Air Quality

 Indoor Air Quality Common sources of indoor air pollutants. Contaminants may originate from a variety of sources both inside and outside of a building, and… Read More

Offshore Europe, Aberdeen 5-8 September 2017

    We will be at SPE Offshore Europe on 5th to 8th September 2017.  Stand 3E80   We will have live units for you to… Read More

Extraction for Education

HAIR & BEAUTY COLLEGE If you work or are studying to be a hairdresser or beauty therapist, then you will be working with hazardous substances… Read More

Sawmill Case Study

  Click the link to see Tulloch Sawmill Nairn Case Study