Plug & Play

September 25, 2018

Do you need extraction, but not looking for something with permanent fixtures?


Then maybe consider some of these systems:



The MobilePro is a welding fume extractor for professional welders that need a flexible solution.  This is a stable Unit that can be easily manoeuvred around the workshop and stored away.  It’s packed with features like SilentFlowTM sound absorbing box reducing both the mechanical and airflow noise.  Ram-AirTM pulse amplifier, a powerful part of the back pulse cleaning system making the BiCo filter cartridges last longer.







The DraftMax Downdraft workbench, is a combination of a welding table, an extraction and filtration system. The DraftMax has an integrated filter so it’s easy to find somewhere to plug it in and use straight away.






Plymovent has developed a general filtration system that can control welding fumes in large facilities: the Diluter system.  The Diluter system is a stand-alone general filtration system, used by many large facilities to reduce and control the background concentration of welding fumes in a workshop.