Oil Mist Extraction

May 30, 2018

What is Oil Mist?

Oil mist or oil smoke happens when metalworking fluids are used to cool metal workpieces, it also occurs when lubricating parts and tools during the operation process. Machining processes produce many hazardous contaminants that origins from the metalworking fluids. Small droplets of oil can deposit into the lungs also it can be very irritating to the eye, nose and throat.

Why do we need to capture it?

All types of metalworking fluids can cause irritation of the skin or dermatitis.  Workers exposed to metalworking fluid mist and vapour have an increased risk of developing work-related asthma,  bronchitis, irritation of the respiratory tract and breathing difficulties. Click here for further information.

Not only are there possible negative effect on humans, it also has a negative effect on machinery. The mist can settle on the machines, they can damage them by corrosion. Sensitive electronics of the machines can also be affected by the mist. This can lead to high maintenance costs.

Extraction of Oilmist.

To create a safe work environment and extend the lifespan of your machinery and tools.  We install Plymovent systems to control oil mist in any work environment. 

Mist wizards – can be attached to a single CNC-machine to give the operator a clear view of the production process. This takes away the need for ductwork and complicated electrical connections.

MistEliminator – This modular filter bank is for larger solutions as it can be expanded as the business grows. This filter system removes the oil mist from the air, and depending on the metalworking fluids used, it can be re-used in the production process. The filtered air can be ventilated to the outside or can be recirculated into the factory, saving energy and reducing your heating costs.

If you think this would be the solution to your oil mist challenge, contact us for a free survey and quote.