Dentist Air

May 10, 2018

Indoor air quality in Dental Practice

This has been of interest to the scientist for the air quality of indoor areas of the facilities.  NHS and private practices have been examined where the mixture of pollutants, chemical compounds, microorganisms and biological infectious agents in the air, by some procedures such as ultrasonic scaling, or using a high-speed drill, form indoor conditions.  This is unhealthy for both the patients and employees. It can cause respiratory and pulmonary problems as well as allergic reactions. It is therefore important to improve the air quality in the dental practice.



VisionAir is the perfect solution.  The VisionAir air cleaners are real multi-talents as they are able to extract smoke, dust, odour and other pollutants from the air in your Dental Practice. It also helps if you are having trouble with dust particles, sprays, unpleasant odours, microbiological contamination or mercury vapour. 


The 4-stage filtering process of the VisionAir Dental ensures its optimal effect.

  •  Phase 1: the pre-filter captures the bigger particles of dust and other polluting items such as swirling metals and porcelain. 
  • Phase 2: the ElectroMax filter, catches the other, smaller, pollutants down to a size of 0.01 micron like grinding dust, among other things.
  • Phase 3: the specially developed mercury adsorption filter (Dental filter) eliminates the mercury vapour concentration. In addition, this filter also reduces all kinds of medicinal smells and body odours.