Arms & Safety

February 26, 2018

Fume Removal Arms


Miniman, KUA, Traversing KUA, Flex Max, Telescopic, Economy.

These are all extraction arms for welding, cutting & other fume removals.

Plymovent extraction arms enable you to capture fumes at the source. There is a wide range of extraction arms with metal tubes, plastic tubes and hose tubes. These extraction arms are available in various working reaches and can be used on extension booms if extra reach is needed or mounted on rails for virtually unlimited reach.

Miniman 75 -Ideal for bench work and smaller working areas, Perfect for soldering, lab or dust applications.

Miniman 100 – Higher air volume and a solution for dust and fume applications.

KUA – Ideal for medium-sized workplaces.

Traversing-KUA – Extractor for larger working areas, 360-degree swivel, Movable trolley and arm allows unlimited reach.

Flex Max – For work benches and small working areas.

Telescopic – For work benches and small working areas, Reach 2.5m.

Economy –  Extraction arm for light intensity welding, Detachable hood allows for attaching extension hoses, Reach of 2.0 m-4.0 m

a-mac can provide solutions to your specific requirements, by sourcing the correct Plymovent arm for your businesses process.   We can design a system that’s in your budget and specific to your companies process.  If you don’t need a static system these arms can be fitted to a mobile extraction unit, allowing you to move it to where you need it. 

Training on the use of these arms can also be done with employees when commisioning a system.

Attach a Long hood to the end and cover more area.