Wood Dust Extraction

November 16, 2017

Why is it necessary to control wood dust?

Wood dust, tiny particles of wood produced during processing, it can contain bacterial, fungal and moss spores.

Wood dust is hazardous to peoples health, it can cause serious non-reversible health problems, such as skin disorders; obstruction in the nose, and rhinitis;  asthma; a rare type of nasal cancer.



What are the fire and explosion hazards of wood dust?

Combustible dust is any fine material that has the ability to catch fire and explode when mixed with air. Wood dust is explosive if ignition of part of a cloud of wood dust occurs.

Any fire needs three elements:

The solution:

One type of system for collecting wood waste is exhaust ventilated, this system will help to remove even the smallest particles of dust to safeguard users from inhaling them. Each woodworking machine has a hood connected with flexible hose and then ducting to the fan and collector.

Our bespoke systems includes products from a range of world leading manufacturers, in order to meet specific customer requirements and budgets. These systems can be fully ATEX compliant.