What is a Multi Dust Bank?

October 25, 2017

Plymovent’s MultiDust Bank


The MultiDust bank is a fume filtration system that has cartridge filters.  When fumes are removed from the workshop using extraction arms, the air is filtered, cleaned and recirculated (for energy savings through heat recovery). 

Each filter cartridge in the system is cleaned with compressed air, releasing any dust collected on the surface of the filter cartridge which then falls into the dust collector below.   The Ram-Air cleaning system ensures a clean filter.  This gives longer filter life and less expensive compressed air usage, all resulting in low ownership cost. The unique MultiFlow air shield disperses incoming air evenly, resulting in equal air flow throughout multiple modules.




Good for growing businesses.

This system can be tailored to the requirements of your application today and expanded tomorrow if your business grows. 


  • Efficient filtration of dust and fumes
  • Modular design for any size solution
  • Flexible positioning of inlet and outlet
  • Expandable as your business grows
  • Low cost of ownership



Working with Control Go & Control Pro will make it much more energy efficient.