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Plymovent Control Pro

  The ControlPro has an intuitive touch screen interface that shows at a glance how your system is performing, what your system is doing now,… Read More

Distillery Extraction

The origins of malt whisky distilling in Scotland are lost in the mists of antiquity. They date back at least to the monks of the… Read More

Paint Spray Extraction

Paint Spray Booths. Business such as auto body shop repairs and industrial coatings should ensure their using this extraction systems.   There are many types… Read More

COSHH Testing

How do we see if the LEV’s are doing their job? Operators should check on a daily basis that the system is sucking, and that there are… Read More

Longhood Is Here!

This is the latest in attachments for your Plymovent arms.   The LEH-10 is a long extension hood that can replace the standard hood of… Read More

Ventilation in catering kitchens

What the law says The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 These Regulations require that employers provide effective and suitable ventilation in every enclosed… Read More

What to do with deadly vehicle exhaust fumes.

Do you work in a Garage? Do you breath in exhaust fumes every time you have to start the engine of the next car you… Read More

What happens after Fighting Fires.

Firefighters risk their lives to save us from blazing fires, but what most people don’t know is that once they put out the fire, they… Read More

Minor investment maximum result

What is a Diluter System? Dilution ventilation involves bringing in clean air to dilute the contaminated air, and then exhausting the diluted air to the… Read More

Who should use a hood?

This is a Flexhood made by Plymovent that we install into workshops and designed to isolate a welding/cutting workplace. This can either be a robotic… Read More